Weird or funny as it may sound but sex wax is not about what you’re thinking. Sex wax is a brand of surfwax—a famous surf wax– that is applied to surfboard, skimboard or bodyboard. Sexwax is the name given by Mr. Zog for obvious reason. It’s attention-grabbing. You’d surely have a second look. There are people who think sexwax logo is misleading and some seemto refuse to buy the product. It was even heard that it was not allowed to be displayed in some family amusement parks. But then again, some thinks it’s cool and funny.

It’s very important to get the right kind of surf wax before putting it on your surfboard. The temperature of sex wax is one thing that you shouldn’t forget when buying one.  The temperature grades are cold water, cool water, warm water and tropic water. It comes in assorted scents: strawberry, pineapple, grape. Professional surfers all around the world prefer Sexwax Quick Humps and Dream Cream formula.

Different kinds of sex wax

  • Quick Humps Tropical is a primer and are in ecofriendly boxes
  • Sexwax dream cream topcoats
  • Sexwax Original Surf Wax is formulated in 1972. Experienced surfers choose this formula because it can provide strong levels of traction.
  • Really Tacky Surf Wax is an old formula for a classic wax performance

Why do you put it on your surfboard?

  • Surfers use it to prevent from sliding off the board
  • It is used to increase the grip on the paddle of a kayak

How often should you wax your surfboard?

  • It’s ideal to wax your surfboard before going on a surf trip (about 4 to 5 times?) or once a year if you don’t surf that much.

Where should you apply your surf wax?

  • From the tail to the nose

How much wax will you need to wax a surfboard?

  • This will depend on the size of your surfboard

You’ll need the following to wax a surfboard:

  • Basecoat wax
  • Topcoat wax
  • Wax comb
  • Wax cleaner
  • Paper towel

How do you wax your surfboard?

If you’re waxing a new board, you don’t need a wax cleaner. But if you’re waxing an old one, you have to clean the surface first before anything else.

Waxing a surfboard for the first time might seem so difficult for beginners. So, I’ve listed the right way to do it.

  1. Find a good location. Stay away from the sun.
  2. Place your surfboard on something stable.
  3. Scrape the old wax using the wax comb
  4. Clean the deck with a wax remover until it becomes shiny
  5. Apply the make the basecoat sex wax on the surfboard until it creates small bumps. Use whatever works for you. You will see and feel the small bumps being formed. That’s when you’ll know you are doing the right technique.
  • Waxing technique
  • Circles
  • Straight line
  • Crisscross
  • Psycho technique
  1. Apply the topcoat wax by waxing all areas waxed with the basecoat. Make sure to use the same direction. Also, remember that the top coat is softer that the basecoat. It’s affected by water temperature and heat so, make sure to apply the topcoat with less pressure.